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7 There exists at least one firm k such that Kk . 0,] o < ~k . < 1 for every O,J E Ik and 0 < Kk . < 1 for every O,J 30. and pp. 13-14. 31. i i k -k The values of Kt,j,Kt,j,Kt,j etc. 6. 32. The q may be different for each household and firm. 33. This means that due to the "output lag", the output appears near the end of the period, and consequently, the cash revenue from the sale of this output cannot be used for buying goods within the same period. 34. Cf. pp. 15-16 concerning the notation of I k -k and I .

59 For each k (k=1,2, ••• , ~), let Tk denote the set of those vectors in Qk which o 0 k appear as Yo in any of the solutions (7) of (6) • For each k, let Tk denote the {l,0 k set of those scalars in Rl+ which appear as Yo,o in any of the solutions (7) of (6) . iii i ii iii i i 58. (x o,n+l'x0,0 ,xl,xl ,n+ 1)' (x,x o o,n+ l'x0,0 ,xl,x l ,n+ l,x l ,0 ' ••• , xT ) and k k k k k k (y o",y o,n+l'Y o,o'Y l 'Y l ,n+l ,Y1 ,0' ... •• , T) and Yt'S (t=O,l, ••• , T) are column" iii i i vectors and other elements are scalars.

H+2. 2 . . . 2. . . 73 00 That is. ~) 00. also cannot be + Thus. l i . 1 (f . I . 1) • . S c. on From this inequality we can directly find a lower bound of xi o,n+ i Then. a)'(1) for any expected prices which depend on PES are not less than 71. • in the i-th rentier's case. , h). n+l (i=h+l • h+2. • ~). can be found in a way similar to that used in the labourer's case. (Cf. ) 72. See Appendix I. 73. 2. • h). n+l(k=l. n+lJ. h+2 . . . n+lJ. • ~. f or examp 1 e. n+l E Li . um. 74. n+l i ELi .

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