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By Badru D. Kateregga

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims and Christians are pals and worship an identical God. but they seldom witness to one another, and the problems they take care of are profound. instead of an opposed interplay, Badru D. Kateregga and David W. Shenk pioneer one other way--that of real discussion among pals.

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Furthermore, Christians accept with thankfulness all ninety-nine names of God that Muslims repeat in worship and praise to God. Even the name Allah is affirmed by Christians as a name of God. The Prophet Abraham knew God as El or Elohim, which is a Hebrew form of the Arabic Allah. It is no wonder the Qur'an affirms that those closest to the Muslims are the Christians. The profound Muslim appreciation of the sovereignty and transcendence of God is a witness Christians need to hear. Nevertheless, within our common faith in God, Muslims and Christians experience differences.

There Is No God but Allah 27 A Christian Response 2. The Creation 36 A Christian Response 3. Adam and Hauwa 42 A Christian Response 4. Satan and Evil 48 A Christian Response 5. The Books of God 53 A Christian Response 6. The Prophets of Allah 63 A Christian Response 7. The Seal of Prophets 68 A Christian Response 8. The Umma 78 A Christian Response 9. Divine Guidance and Peace 85 A Christian Response Page 8 10. Worship 90 A Christian Response 11. Right Conduct 98 A Christian Response 12. The Mission of the Umma 105 A Christian Response Part II.

He giveth it for an inheritance to whom He will" (Qur'an 7:128). God has honored man, His khalifa, with the authority over His countless creatures. Humans have been commissioned to use nature for their own welfare (Qur'an 33:72). As a khalifa, humans are chosen to cultivate the land and enrich life with knowledge and meaning. Nature is subject to humans. The superior position man holds in the eyes of God makes man an authority over all God's creation. Humans alone enjoy the right to use nature for their own good in obedience to the Divine commands.

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