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Watanabe (*), K. Ishihara, and T. jp S. Konishi Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University, Gokasho, Uji, Kyoto 611-0011, Japan T. 1007/978-4-431-53910-0_3, © Springer 2011 25 26 Y. Watanabe et al. 1,214 ­million tonnes [1], where the CO2 emissions mostly are classified into the ­following three main sectors: (a) Energy industries sector typified by heat power generation, (b) Manufacturing industries and Construction sector typified by ion-, steel- and cement-making, and (c) Transport sector typified by automobiles.

To obtain the efficiency of each of the other countries the same linear programming model is used until the valuation of the 40th country (when m=n). Results are named “production” performance. 2 Development DEA Model In this model, HDI takes the place of the country’s output while electricity consumption per capita and CO2 emissions per capita remain as inputs. The mathematical expression for country A does not change from (2) except for the factors used in the numerator for each country. 849 (HDIB) for country B, etc.

In addition, both natural forests and artificial forests exist in a relatively large amount at any operating regions except Okinawa. Here, consider the photosynthesis in plants. The photosynthesis is a chemical reaction inside a plant, and is between H2O and CO2 absorbed by the plant, leading to production of dioxide (O2) and storage of carbon. Figure 2 represents an experimentally obtained relation between photosynthetic rate and CO2 concentration in the atmosphere for Larix kaempferi seedlings [4].

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