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By Mary A. Carskadon

Teens are one of the such a lot sleep disadvantaged populations in our society. This booklet explores the genesis and improvement of sleep styles at this part of the lifestyles span. It examines organic and cultural components that effect sleep styles, provides hazards linked to loss of sleep, and divulges the consequences of environmental elements equivalent to paintings and college schedules on sleep. This research will attract psychologists and sociologists of youth who've now not but thought of the real position of sleep within the lives of our adolescence.

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Our high school survey data show evidence that homework is a significant factor influencing sleep patterns for only a limited number of students. Thus, approximately 13% of the 9th through 12th grade students reported that their school-night bedtime is set according to the time they finish their homework. 2% of 12- and 13-year-old students in our earlier study reported staying up until homework was finished (Carskadon, 1979). 9 hours per week). Data from students in another educational system – Taipei, Taiwan – showed that the students in more academically challenging programs reported less sleep and lower levels of alertness than those students in the less challenging program (Gau & Soong, 1995).

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