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Loads of financial difficulties can formulated as limited optimizations and equilibration in their suggestions. quite a few mathematical theories were delivering economists with quintessential machineries for those difficulties coming up in financial idea. Conversely, mathematicians were inspired by means of a variety of mathematical problems raised through financial theories. The sequence is designed to collect these mathematicians who have been heavily attracted to getting new hard stimuli from monetary theories with these economists who're looking for potent mathematical instruments for his or her researchers. participants of the editorial board of this sequence comprises following in demand economists and mathematicians: handling Editors: S. Kusuoka (Univ. Tokyo), T. Maruyama (Keio Univ.) Editors: R. Anderson (U.C.Berkeley), C. Castaing (Univ. Montpellier), F. H. Clarke (Univ. Lyon I), G. Debreu (U.C. Berkeleyer), E. Dierker (Univ. Vienna), D. Duffie (Stanford Univ.), L.C. Evans (U.C. Berkeley), T. Fujimoto (Okayama Univ.), J. -M. Grandmont (CREST-CNRS), N. Hirano (Yokohama nationwide Univ.), L. Hurwicz (Univ. of Minnesota), T. Ichiishi (Ohio country Univ.), A. Ioffe (Israel Institute of Technology), S. Iwamoto (Kyushu Univ.), okay. Kamiya (Univ. Tokyo), ok. Kawamata (Keio Univ.), N. Kikuchi (Keio Univ.), H. Matano (Univ. Tokyo), ok. Nishimura (Kyoto Univ.), M. ok. Richter (Univ. Minnesota), Y. Takahashi (Kyoto Univ.), M. Valadier (Univ. Montpellier II), M. Yano (Keio Univ)

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It is evidenced by our satisfaction at work and our sense of shared meaning and purpose. It hangs on our potential to participate fully in the life of society. Prosperity consists in our ability to flourish as human beings – within the ecological limits of a finite planet. The challenge for our society is to create the conditions under which this is possible. It is the most urgent task of our times. 16 3475 EARTH Prosp Without Growth 23/9/09 4:10 PM Page 17 2 The Age of Irresponsibility This has been an age of global prosperity.

The enemy within Securitization of mortgage debts (for example) was championed at the highest level, spearheaded by Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Federal Reserve. 17 But this only underlines the point that these interventions were deliberate. All along the way, decisions to increase liquidity were made with a view to expanding the economy. ’18 For over two decades, de-regulation of financial markets was championed under monetarism as the best way to stimulate demand. 19 But a strategy that ended up replacing public debt with private debt was always a risky one.

Dangerous climate change is a matter of decades away. And we’re 12 3475 EARTH Prosp Without Growth 23/9/09 4:10 PM Page 13 Prosperity Lost using up the climate ‘slack’ too quickly. It may take decades to transform our energy systems. And we have barely started on that task. As the science improves it becomes clearer that a warming world may pose the gravest threat to survival we face. Though it came late to the party, the climate may just turn out to be the mother of all limits. Beyond the limits This brief sketch of ecological limits does no justice at all to the accumulating wealth of understanding about resource scarcity or climate change.

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