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By Reinhard Neubert (Editor), Hans-Hermann Ruttinger (Editor)

This quantity provides breakthroughs and methods in affinity capillary electrophoresis to degree and make sure the physicochemical and thermodynamic parameters of drug compounds. It discusses suggestions to discover and represent interactions to facilitate advancements in managed drug supply and concentrating on.

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Introduced by Terabe in 1984 (9), MEKC is one of the most widely used CE modes. Ionic micelles, formed from surfactants added 16 Schiewe to the run buffer in concentrations above their critical micelle concentration, are used as pseudostationary phase. Due to the chromatographic nature of the separation process, both neutral and ionic compounds can be separated with this mode. Differently from chromatography, MEKC benefits from the flat flow profile of the EOF, leading to the high separation efficiency that is typical of an electrophoretic separation.

In the direction opposite to the EOF. Since under neutral or basic pH conditions the EOF is usually faster than the migration velocity of the micelles, they are drawn toward the cathode, where the detector is placed. During migration of the micelles, the solutes, ionic or nonionic in nature, partition in and out of the micelle, interacting in a chromatographic manner through either hydrophobic or electrostatic interactions. The more hydrophobic the solute is, the longer is the interaction with the micelle.

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