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These strategy plans set out the relevant policy objectives and targets for managing and sustaining biodiversity. They also provide a starting point for establishing policy relevant biodiversity indicators to measure the performance of national policies and help monitor progress in fulfilling international obligations. At the international level a range of agreements and conventions are also important in the context of agriculture and biodiversity, most notably the International Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) agreed at the UN Conference on Environment and Development at Rio in 1992.

Even this small population is threatened with immediate extinction because of the rapidly changing rural socio-economic conditions and the expansion of cultivated fields into wet meadows. For many decades, the mutually constituted bovine nucleus of the country has been undergoing a population change with the introduction from abroad of improved and purebred cows and bulls.

8. Research on the economic value of biodiversity is of considerable importance to policy makers and society in assessing the costs and benefits of biodiversity conservation, and in helping determine which policies might best achieve biodiversity goals in agriculture, as recognised in the CBD. While there is work underway in this area, further studies are required to estimate the economic benefits of biodiversity, and the costs and benefits of the trade-offs between increased agricultural production and biodiversity loss.

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