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By Henri Begleiter, Deirdre Winczewski, Richard Deitrich, Richard Fuller, Donald Gallant, Donald W. Goodwin, Edward Gottheil, Alfonso Paredes, Marcus Rothschild, David H. van Thiel, Marc Galanter

Quantity thirteen investigates the ways that age, gender, socioeconomic situations, and genetics have an effect on competitive habit and vulnerability to alcoholism.

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However, the degree to which a victim’s drinking may evoke a presumption, on the part of the police or others, of blame for her involvement in the rape event has been the subject of relatively little research (see, however, Richardson and Campbell37). The finding that 60% of the victim-precipitated rapes involved sexual humiliation, in contrast to 18% of other rapes, is a startling one. Amir95 argued that this is very likely due to misread signals on the part of the offender: [S]ubjecting the victim to forced sexual intercourse means that the imputation of sexual availability was a false interpretation on the offender’s part.

T]he data suggest that such immediate effects of alcohol [as are seen] are not sufficient to account for the observed cases of rape which arise out of longstanding patterns of deviance. , the effects of long-term alcohol use rather than the immediate effects, whether pharmacologically or culturally defined) in a sample of those recently admitted to North Carolina prisons. They found that chronic effects were not significantly associated with either incarceration for a violent offense or with committing a violent offense in the year prior to incarceration.

Even after many decades of research on alcohol and violence, Pernanen2 has asserted, For the time being, we still need a much firmer empirical foothold, in order to assess the validity of the relationship between alcohol use and violence in potentially less biased samples of violence episodes and of actors in these episodes than those available in official documents. We need information on the potential role of alcohol in the choice of different types of violent acts and in escalations in seriousness of aggression and physical violence, as well as in the use of indiscriminate aggression in partial or total obliviousness to the nature of the victim, the setting, and the general social context.

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