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By Angelo S. Rappoport

Myths and legends are the goods of the preferred brain and of the communal soul of the folks. This, the ultimate booklet of Angelo Rappoport's trilogy on historical Hebrew myths, bargains with the 1st kings of historical Israel: tormented Saul, heroic David and clever Solomon. a bunch of alternative biblical figures additionally seem, together with evil Queen Jezebel, Esther - the savior of her humans, the Prophet Elijah, and trustworthy better halves, treacherous fans and beggar kings. The Oriental and eu myths that owe lots to Jewish legends also are mentioned - from Merlin the Magician to the origins of the tales that include "A Thousand and One Nights."

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Ill THE DEAD LION 47 sword in his trembling hand, came up. The people present fell upon their faces and exclaimed, " Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel," and the Jews of Jerusalem manifested great joy. The beadle refused to reveal to anyone what he had seen in the tomb. 1 • Mll4tre Nurim, § a; aee Bin Gorion, 1«. , Vol. V, pp. 61-63. CHAPTER V King Solon1on ' s Judgments Solomon's prayer-The heavenly gift-Wisdom instead o f gold-The true son-The faithless servant-A finger cut off from the dead body­ The blood test-The blood and the bone-A man and his three sons-The legitimate heir-The sons shoot an arrow at the dead body of their father -The rightful heir-The King and the Gaon Saadya-A story from Bar­ bazan's Fabliaux-A story from the Gesta Romanorum-The sons beating at the father's grave-The superstition attached to blood-Talmud and medireval folk-lore-The blood accusation-Hartland on the bond of blood -The three travellers and the theft of gold-Solomon tells a story-The maiden who plighted her troth-The honest robber-A story told by Camp­ bell-The farmer and his three sons-The two-headed man-Seven that are eight-Ashmedai and King Solomon-The claim of the two-headed heir-Hot water and wine poured over the two-headed man-Solomon's judgment.

On account of the impending danger, the sages permitted him to avail himself of the mule used by the King. Abishai now mounted the animal and swiftly rode out into the desert. A miracle, however, happened, and the earth flew under him. He had scarcely left Jerusalem when he already found himself in the land of the Philistines and in front of Ishbi's house. Here Abishai met Orpah, the mother of the giant, who was sitting without the door spinning. The mother of the giant, on perceiving the new arrival, broke her thread and flung the spindle at him with intent to kill him.

1 ' 1 Pirke tk Rabbi Eliezer, Ch. 36; see Vol. I of the present work. 3 ANCIENT ISRAEL When Abraham came to acquire the Cave of Machpelah from the Hittites, the latter consented to sell him the cave only under certain conditions. They insisted that the Patriarch should make a covenant with them according to which his descendants, when they came to conquer Palestine, would never wrest the city from the Jebusites. Thereupon the Jehu­ sites had erected in their market place brass monuments upon which the conditions of the covenant were engraved.

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