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MAKERS as Innovators between the other two strands. Now pull the piece on the left gently toward the right and set it down in the middle of the other two strands. Repeat this process over and over. Stop every few minutes to straighten out your braid and make it looser or tighter as needed. v=F_hHhtQGNus. When you get to the end of your strands, see if your braid is long enough for the project you want to make. If not, sew, use fabric glue (let it dry before you continue braiding), or knot another length onto your strand and Try weaving shirt strips into your hair to make a long, colorful braid.

E-Textiles. Ann Arbor, MI: Cherry Lake Publishing, 2013. Kerr, Sophie, Weeks Ringle, and Bill Kerr. A Kid’s Guide to Sewing: 16 Fun Projects You’ll Love to Make & Use. Lafayette, CA: FunStitch Studio, 2013. com With a parent’s permission, search this huge site of do-it-yourself projects for many more t-shirt hacks. com With a parent’s permission, search Pinterest for more t-shirt hacks. 31 MAKERS as Innovators Index antique look, 17–18 rock and roll bracelet project, 23–24 braiding, 27–29 brushes, 14–15, 17, 18 scraps, 7, 15 shopping, 6, 10 shortening, 20–21 silhouettes, 9, 15 sizes, 6, 9 sleeves, 22, 23, 25, 26 stencils, 15–18 supplies, 6–7, 8, 10 chalk lines, 11–12, 16, 20, 21 crazy hair project, 25–26 drying, 12, 17, 18 fringe, 23–24, 25–26 ironing boards, 5, 16 irons, 12, 16 tote bag project, 26 washing, 5, 10, 12 workspaces, 10, 16 necklines, 6–7, 21–22 newspapers, 12–13 painting, 6, 10, 11–13, 14–15, 15–18 About the Author Kristin Fontichiaro teaches at the University of Michigan.

Belt Braids Thread a braid through your belt loops and knot it for an instant custom belt. You can also tie your braided belt on top of a t-shirt or cardigan. keep going. When you’re done, tie all three strands into a knot at the loose end. Throughout this book, you’ve seen many ideas for how to turn inexpensive leftover or secondhand t-shirts into new clothes and accessories. Hopefully by now you can take apart a t-shirt in your mind and imagine each part being cut, fringed, knotted, or braided into new ideas.

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