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By J. S. Wells, G. E. Streit, F. R. Petersen

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6 Refinements. There are many refinements of the IDIOT method of interest in the context of security assessment. g. to represent power system topology) together with numerical ones. They may also be generalized to an arbitrary number of (security) classes and to tests with more than two outcomes. Another interesting extension consists of using linear combinations instead of single attribute (orthogonal) splits, yielding so-called "oblique" decision trees. They are useful when there are strong interactions among different candidate attributes.

Adapted from [Weh95b J. Graphs, trees and directed trees Example tree and attribute space representation Partitioning of qualitative vs hierarchical attributes. 2% Severity regression tree: N = 2775, At = 913, AE = 22MW Fuzzy transient stability classes Main differences between crisp and fuzzy decision trees Crisp vs fuzzy decision trees Hybrid DT-ANN approach Decision tree for transient stability assessment MLP resulting from the translation of the DT of Fig. 1 Sample of OMIB operating states Error rates (%) of KNN classifiers Attribute statistics of the OMIB problem Perceptron learning algorithm Weights and activations of OMIB MLP for state 1 Kohonen self-organizing map learning algorithm Rules corresponding to the tree of Fig.

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