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Interruption. The complete loss of voltage for a time period. ) Source: [B3]. (a)Local Power Failure (b)Utility Power Failure Fig 2-2 Interruption isolated equipment ground. An insulated equipment grounding conductor run in the same conduit o r raceway a s the supply conductors. This conductor is insulated from the metallic raceway and all ground points throughout its length. I t originates a t an isolated ground type receptacle or equipment input terminal block and terminates a t the point where neutral and ground are bonded a t the power source.

And J. E. Nanevicz, “Topological Grounding Anomalies,” International Aerospace and Ground Conference on Lightning and Static Electricity, June 20-28,1984. [B7] Key, T. S. “Diagnosing Power Quality Related Computer Problems,” IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Vol. IA-15, No. 4, JulyIAug 1979. [B8] Martzloff, F. D. “Coordination of Surge Protectors in Low-Voltage AC Power Circuits,” IEEE Transactions on Power Apparatus and Systems, Vol. 99, No. 1,J a d F e b 1980, pp. 129-33. [B91 Martzloff, F.

Restrictions apply. IEEE Stdlloo-1992 GENERAL NEEDS GUIDELINES done by the utility or by the user is immaterial from a technical point of view, although the responsibility may be the subject of a contractual dispute. More complex circuit phenomena, such a s current chopping, prestrikes, and restrikes, can produce surge voltages reaching ten times the normal circuit voltages, involving energy levels determined by the power rating of the elements being switched. These complex surges can have very destructive effects, even on rugged equipment, and must be controlled a t the source as well as mitigated a t the loads.

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