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By Marat Akhmet, Mehmet Onur Fen

This booklet provides specific descriptions of chaos for continuous-time platforms. it's the first-ever ebook to think about chaos as an enter for differential and hybrid equations. Chaotic units and chaotic services are used as inputs for structures with attractors: equilibrium issues, cycles and tori. The findings strongly recommend that chaos conception can continue from the speculation of differential equations to a better point than formerly suggestion. The procedure chosen is conducive to the in-depth research of other varieties of chaos. the looks of deterministic chaos in neural networks, economics and mechanical structures is mentioned theoretically and supported by way of simulations. As such, the ebook bargains a worthy source for mathematicians, physicists, engineers and economists learning nonlinear chaotic dynamics.

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In order to give more visible impression of this type of self-organization, let us take in attention the life on the Earth. It is from one side result of the gravitational force, which is universally needed for life, and from another side of many forces which are acting “against” the force of gravitation and all together bring the life phenomenon to the globe. In [102] it is written that “... the type of dissipative structure depends critically on the conditions in which the structure is formed.

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