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Lightning is one of the most violent acts of nature. If you have ever been in a thunderstorm and witnessed a sudden, explosive bolt of lightning, you know the power of this weather phenomenon. In this experiment, you will learn about lightning without putting yourself in danger. Never go outside to observe a thunderstorm in which there are multi- Page 39 ple lightning strikes. Lightning is nothing to take lightly. Everything in the universe is made up of incredibly tiny particles called atoms. Atoms can carry a positive, negative, or neutral electrical charge.

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20 Experiment #4 Red Sky 26 Experiment #5 Sky View 34 Experiment #6 Looking at Lightning 38 Glossary 44 Resources 45 For Further Reading 46 Index 47 Metric Conversion Table 48 Page 4 Introduction: Weather Is Everywhere Weather is one of the most influential forces in nature. It determines how our plants grow, the quality of the air we breathe, and the places we live. It influences and shapes a host of other things around us. Weather can affect us in a variety of ways, from rain canceling a picnic to tornadoes destroying our homes.

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